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The Herb Garden

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Bulk Herbs

Once we have done our harvesting, drying and processing, our herbs move on to our apothecary. Here we use them daily in our home and to make our herbal products. What we have left over we share with you. Being a small farm, our bulk herb selection is limited while supplies last. Send us a message for our inventory and pricing.  

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From the garden to you, we offer a wide range of herbal preparations to bring balance and health to mind, body and soul. Our offerings include:

Herbal Teas


Vinegar Tonics

Salves and lotions


Flower Essences

Liquid Herbal Extracts

For more info on our products send us an email, visit our online shop, or visit us at the Leesburg, VA farmers market and the Charles Town, WV market on Saturday mornings. 

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Live Plants

Growing plants is a passion of ours and we love providing healthy plants to you for your own herb garden. We grow over 50 varieties of herbs and flowers and offer live plants from spring through autumn. We plant following the biodynamic planting 

calendar and tend our seedlings with a lot of love for the strongest plants possible. Email us for a list of what we have available. 

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