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Herbal Ally Program 

Welcome to the Herbal Ally Program. This is our 12 month educational offering that delivers the abundance of our gardens, fields, and forests, directly to your door. Experience 12 different herbs through taste, touch, and smell and take a deep dive into the realm of herbal medicine. 


"Working with Meaghan and her lovely herbal ally program for 2023 has been filled with so much plant wisdom and results! It was a treat to receive a new box every month and dive into what Meaghan had prepared. She shares her wisdom, stories, art, and magic in every box. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about the plants and what they may offer you along the way. Tulsi was my personal favorite to work with. The tulsi hydrosol healed acne and the tincture aided in better sleep for me." -JS


"Meaghan's Herbal Ally Program was a magical journey packed with life long lessons, astrological lessons and plenty of plant magic. This is truly a special offering for both the beginner and well seasoned herbalist." -CB

 "Joining the Herbal Ally program was a wake up call for me. Throughout the year I felt as if I was being visited by old friends I hadn't seen in decades- or in this lifetime. I looked forward to the surprise of who I would host in my home and in my body each month as I knew the next month's ally would be arriving soon. The way Meaghan presents each botanical personality is imbued with feminine wisdom and you can feel the love and intention she crafts these boxes of magic with. Several herbs have truly stuck with me as daily aids to my health and focus,  and others I am just glad to on a deeper level and call on sporadically for their particular strengths. This is a journey of knowledge and intimacy with Gaia that I would recommend to any person longing to know deeper connections with herbalism. " -DW

"Embarking on a year-long journey with Blooming Mountains Botanical Sanctuary has been an absolute joy and an enlightening experience. This exceptional program has surpassed my expectations, offering a unique herbal exploration that is both educational and pleasurable.

The standout feature of this program is the carefully curated variety of herbs, with each month unveiling a new and singular herb. From some you will recognize, to lesser-known medicinal gems, the assortment has broadened my herbal horizons in ways I never anticipated. This singular focus on a specific herb each month has allowed for a deeper understanding of each plant's unique properties and uses.

The various herbal products has added an extra layer of excitement to each delivery, you don’t know what you will receive each month. Dried herbs, hydrosols, oils, and tinctures – the program ensures a well-rounded experience, catering to different preferences and uses. This diverse product range has not only expanded my herbal repertoire but has also provided versatile options for incorporating each herb into my daily life.

The provided instructions remain a standout feature, offering clear and concise guidelines for incorporating each herb and product effectively. Whether you're an experienced herbalist or a novice, the well-documented instructions enhance the overall user experience, fostering a sense of confidence and skill.

The meticulous packaging further elevates the program, ensuring each delivery arrives in pristine condition. The products are carefully packaged to preserve their freshness and potency, adding an element of anticipation and surprise when opening each box.

What truly sets this program apart is the joy of immersing oneself in the singular essence of each herb. It's like receiving a monthly gift that deepens your understanding and connection with nature. The excitement of unveiling a new herb and experimenting with different forms – be it dried herbs, hydrosols, oils, or tinctures – has made this program not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable.

Meghan has crafted a year-long herbal journey that is both enriching and delightful. The program's commitment to providing a diverse yet focused exploration of singular herbs, coupled with high-quality herbal products, makes it a must-try for anyone looking to deepen their connection with herbs. I wholeheartedly recommend this program – it's a journey of herbal discovery that you won't want to miss!" - KM

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