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About Us

Located in Capon Bridge, WV, we strive to provide the highest quality medicinal herbs and herbal products to our community. Started in 2019, our herbal operation is run by husband and wife team, Alexor Moore and Meaghan Thompson. We are both passionate about farming, healing ourselves, others, and the planet. Students of nature, we hope to pass along our ever expanding knowledge to others in hopes that the spiral of healing continues to grow. 

Blooming Mountains Botanical Sanctuary L

Who We Are

Meaghan is an herbalist, doula, artist and forever student of the natural world. She has studied and worked with herbs for over 10 years. Bringing people and plants together in harmonious relationship is one of her greatest passions and goals in life. She hopes that by sharing the healing power of plants with people, they will in ​turn have more of an appreciation and reverence for the natural world and all of its kin. 

Alexor is a talented builder of all things, chef, player of instruments, and farmer. He began his studies in natural building, bio-dynamics and permaculture over 10 years ago and has continued to evolve ever since. He loves to grow and prepare healing foods and medicine for people, spreading light and laughter wherever he goes. 


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